Suicide Squad Review

After the mixed received film Man of Steel and the critically panned Batman v. Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuicide Squad seems to have the same negative outcome. However, though the film may have a big plot hole in its third act and an unnecessary side story, it is still an entertaining film, with an equal set of interesting characters.

From the moment the movie starts you are enraptured by the beautiful visuals and wonderful soundtrack, which is one of the best parts of the movie. The sound mixing and the audiovisuals of the film capture the tone of each scene perfectly, as well as conveying the emotions some of the characters were experiencing. To make things even better, the visuals of the film are probably the best of any superhero film out there. With it being big, bold, and colorful, the way they introduce each squad member is unlike any other film, that is just ripped out of the comics.


With each introduction of the squad members, you get a sense of what each members stand for. Or for at least the core three, which are Deadshot (Floyd Lawton), Harley Quinn, and Col. Rick Flagg. Deadshot, played brilliantly by Will Smith, plays an assassin with a heart of gold toward his daughter. Taken into custody by Batman, his character had the development to prove that he’s more than just a killer. He’s a person, who can be so much more for his daughter and himself. He’s funny, deadly, and is a simple joy to watch.

Fan favorite Harley Quinn was a simple delight to watch. Her character is what fans expected. She was funny, unhinged, and is still infatuated with her ‘puddin’ (more on that later.) Col. Rick Flagg was a character that surprised me the most. They gave him a story and his mission was more personal than any other, as he tries to save his love June Moon, from the Enchantress control. Other characters such as Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc were also good. They had great one liners, but they had no story and were just part of the squad. There were some questions I had, like what was the significance of the pink unicorn Boomerang had? It was a bit odd and i guess it could be his fetish, but I would’ve liked an explanation of it or something.


The character of El Diablo was a a good, but sad one. Living a life of tragedy, he tries his best to refrain himself, knowing he can cause more harm than good. He is a very interesting character with an amazing set of powers. His whole story was that of redemption and he was able to accomplish that with a satisfying sacrifice to save the rest of the squad. Now the last member, who I don’t even know was in the movie if she was just there and offered nothing, is Katana. She was just there. She had maybe four lines of dialogue and is unclear as to why she’s even there in the first place. A shame for such an interesting comic character.

One things fans were excited to see was how actor Jared Leto would portray the Joker. I enjoyed what I saw, but what I saw wasn’t enough. I give props to Leto for giving us a new take on the character, but the Joker did not need to be in the film. He was in the film for about seven minutes and it was to further Harley Quinn’s story, but by the very end, his whole journey for Harley was useless. Every time they cut to the Joker, it felt choppy, very sudden, and unnecessary for the film.


Aside from some mild choppy cut scenes, the main issue with the film is the third act. For me, everything was working fine until they face the antagonist, The Enchantress, who isn’t much of a compelling villain. She is a very overpowered character who can teleport anywhere in seconds to get whatever she needs and no one would see disappear. She has several powers and towards the end when the bomb is underneath her, one where she knows is placed there, and she doesn’t take it. Another thing is when the squad is together at the end, the Enchantress decides to fight them in hand to hand combat, for some reason, when she could easily kill them. I hate to say it, but the “big swirly thing in the sky” and an overpowering villain fighting our heroes hand to hand, seems very reminiscent to the previous Fantastic Four film. Now the film is NO WHERE near as bad as that film, it’s just that those scenes reminded me of it.

Suicide Squad is fun, entertaining film. I enjoyed it even through its flaws, which I’m sure people can get passed. Suicide Squad is a good time in the theaters and I think it does a fare job at adding to the DC mythos in their cinematic universe. I recommend going in and just have a good time as you can.

Rating: 6.5

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