How to Prepare for DC’s Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is coming to theaters August 5, so it’s a perfect time to catch up on some of the Squad reading. I’m gonna give you quick rundown on some comics you got to read to help prepare you for the film. Hopefully this reading list will make you have a deeper appreciation for the team and give you a sense on what the Suicide Squad is all about if you don’t know already.

New 52 ‘Suicide Squad’ (2011-2012) #1-7 Vol. 1 Kicked in the Teeth  Written by Adam Glass, Illustrated by Federico Dallocchio & Clayton Henry


I will always tell people who want to get into the comic series to read the most recent and well written series and New 52 is that. Here they integrated Harley Quinn to the team for the first time, where her popularity grew very rapidly. Members in the comic series that are in the film include Deadshot, an original member, and El Diablo, who is also now in the film. The comic is a simple read with fun moments and amazing art.

‘Suicide Squad’ (1987) #1-8 Vol. 1 Trial by Fire Written by John Ostrander, Illustrated by Luke McDonnell


I always recommend to read the first couple of issues of the titles first run. In this story, they deal with terrorists from Kuwait and later on go through the more supernatural elements and threats that we will most certainly see in the film.

‘Suicide Squad’ (1988) #14-15 The Nightshade Odyssey Written by John Ostrander, Illustrated by Luke McDonnell


Thanks to an article from Screen Rant, it is believed that the film will be loosely based on a story arc from the early run. In this issue, Nightshade, a member of the team, takes the team to another dimension from where her powers are from. The team try to escape but have to face  hideous, demonic, monsters along the way. Whether the film will be based on this story is still unclear, but you could read it and try to spot the similarities in the film. It is certainly an interesting and different story for the team.

I also encourage you to purchase the new series that will be released August 3. The team will feature members from the film itself, such as Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and original members Deadshot and Katana .

Not much of a reader? Well luckily there is already a Suicide Squad movie out there, called Batman: Assault on Arkham.


Don’t think that just because it’s an animated film it’s for kids, because this was a film that aimed towards young adults. Filled with sex and LOTS of violence, this film is an appetizer for the main course that is David Ayers Suicide Squad, so get read to wet your appetite with it.

Hope that keeps you busy for the next couple days, until the film comes out. Let me know what you think and be sure to check out my other articles and follow me on Twitter @Manny_Castell.

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