Ghostbusters Review

There is no doubt that this film was facing an uphill battle, with the majority of people hating the film without seeing it, but those people don’t know what they’re missing. Ghostbusters is a fun, entertaining film, with memorable characters, hilarious moments, and amazing effects that might actually make you afraid of ghosts.

I never understood why there was such a big hate towards this film. In an era where reboots, remakes, and sequels are the norm, it didn’t bother me that they would remake this film. Paul Feig is a well established comedic director, creating hits like Bridesmaids (a romantic comedy), The Heat (a buddy cop comedy), and Spy (a action-comedy). It would make sense for Feig to dabble in the realm of Sci-Fi/comedy with Ghostbusters and the result is a fun film.


The cast were good; each character were different from each other and you can imagine them roaming the streets of NY and have these weird, wacky adventures. My new favorite Ghostbusters is hands down, Jillian Holtzmann, played by the hilarious Kate McKinnon. The character’s personality is so bizarre, but charming and her facial expressions make the entire film for me. Whenever something happens in the film, just look at her face and you won’t help but smile. Leslie Jones character of Patty was one I was very hesitant about, because she’s a hit or miss for me on SNL, but she ended up surprising me the most.  Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were fine, there relationship seemed genuine, but they honestly made me laugh the least. Now Chris Hemsworth came out of nowhere and played the incredible, dim-witted, but hilarious, Kevin.

When looking at a film like Ghostbusters, you have to see what it has to do to the audience. The genre is comedy/sci-fi and the number one rule for every comedy is that has to make you laugh and Ghostbusters did that. Granted some of the jokes were a hit or miss and when it was a miss, the actors would stare at each other in silence, making the audience feel awkward. Thankfully there were more hits and even through the awkwardness, I still found myself having a good time.


One of the many things that I enjoyed, in fact probably my favorite thing about this film were the ghosts themselves. The effects were probably the best part of the film; they were visually stunning to look at and they’re ghosts. Many of the action scenes I thought were very well done, but the problem was that they were far too short. Probably the biggest problem of the film is the 3rd act itself and  its climax. The pacing felt off and too quick and it ended very anticlimactic. There’s a giant ghost and in a minute they found a way to stop it. The action I thought was fine, (there’s one scene with Holtzmann that is actually bad-ass) but when they started fighting ghost, I just couldn’t get behind it. Also, as awesome as it was to see the cameos from the original movie, so many of them felt forced and misplaced, which took you out of the film.

The best way to describe Ghostbusters is fun. You’ll have a good time watching it. It’s smart, funny, and pays a good homage to the original. It’s not the best film this summer and certainly not the funniest, but in a summer of movies that end up being disappointments, Ghostbusters stands as one of the few successes this summer.

Rating: 7/10

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